Umineko no Naku Koro ni Tsubasa English Patch

This is a patch for Umineko Tsubasa, a fandisc released alongside EP8 back in 2010. The original english patch, released in 2011, left out a few stories that have since then been translated. This version of the patch includes those stories, translates some graphics, and fixes a few bugs. While this is a collection of side stories, be wary of spoilers if you haven't finished Umineko Chiru.

Translation Credits

  • Letter from Bernkastel - theacefrehley of AnimeSuki
  • The Witch's Tanabata Isn't Sweet - chronotrig of AnimeSuki
  • Game Master Battler! - crystalweaver of livejournal
  • Jessica's Mother's Day Present - ????
  • Jessica and the Love Charm - kirierisa of Reddit
  • Memoirs of the ΛΔ - theacefrehley of AnimeSuki
  • Notes from a Certain Chef - ????
  • Labor Thanksgiving Day Gifts - crystalweaver of livejournal
  • The Seven Sisters' Valentine - 7HS of Touhou Danmakufu Wiki
  • Beatrice's White Day - musouka of AnimeSuki
  • Cornelia the New Priest - tiistai of SomethingAwful
  • Whose Tea Party? - crystalweaver of livejournal
  • Valentine's Day Letters - tiistai of SomethingAwful
  • To Mount Purgatory, Sakutaro - ????
  • Arigato for 556 - tiistai of SomethingAwful
  • 2011 Patch Creator - unknownbeast of AnimeSuki
  • 2018 Patch Creator, Postscript - (Discord: Zissou#7497)



If you already have a copy of Tsubasa, download the patch and place the folder "Umineko Tsubasa English Patch" inside your Tsubasa folder. Launch the executable to read. If you download the full game, just enter the same folder and launch to read.